Professionally Installed Hand Rails

Oasis Pool Tile Cleaning installs handrails for your pool and spa with professional results. See some of the handrail options below or we can install additional models as well. Click "Read More" to find out why it is important to have your handrail installed correctly.

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All handrails we install are RETURN TO DECK style. This means they are installed only in the deck and do not require us to drill into your swimming pool surface.

Below you will see handrails from two different manufacturer, Saftron and SR Smith. We list a few key differences between the two manufacturer rails to help make your decisions easier. Pictures of tan handrails are Saftron (but they are available in 6 different colors), grey handrails are SR Smith. Follow links to manufacture site for more options.

Saftron Handrails

These are the most commonly chosen Saftron handrail. Saftron handrails are non metallic so they require no bonding (this means less cutting through your decking.) Also since they are non metallic, they do not corrode over time, are safe to use with a salt water pools, and do not get hot in the sunlight like metal.

Saftron handrail color options

Let us know which color you prefer and we will help you find your preferred rail in this color.


SR Smith Handrails

Traditional metal handrails. Require extra bonding step (running bare copper wire to nearest metal in backyard that is connected to pool bonding grid.)