Tile Cleaning Process

Drop Water Level

We use our equipment to lower your pool water 6 - 10 inches. This allows us to make sure we are removing all the calcium from your pool tile.

Safely Remove Calcium

Our expert tile cleaners use the proper cleaning process, either glass bead blasting or Epsom salt blasting (soda blasting) to safely remove calcium from your tile.

Vacuum and Clean Up

We clean down all surfaces and then us our own equipment to vacuum the material from your pool. We guarantee you will be satisfied or we will come back and vacuum again for free.

After Care

If sealer is applied to your tile, water can be added back to your pool after 24 hours to allow for curing. Pool equipment can be turned back on when the water is back to it's regular fill level.

Mastic Repair Process

Remove Old Material

Whether its plastic strips, or old rubber mastic material, we manually remove the old water barrier material.

prepare for new material

Backing is installed where necessary to prevent material from settling improperly.

install and clean up

Color chosen to match backyard design is installed. Joints on horizontal surfaces are sanded to give a more natural appearance.

After Care

Mastic typically takes 48 hours to fully cure. Foot traffic must be kept away from expansion joints so it is not damaged.